Domestic Summer Camp


The summer camp program is methodically designed according to international standards to ENCOURAGE and TRAIN children to become:

Special training program before and after TRAILBLAZERS summer camp, with the purpose of


Discover Me is a summer camp for students from 9 – 12 years old, where they discover their talents, passions, strengths and begin to create habits and skills for future success. This year’s theme will help children understand Curiosity, Will and the right Tools to create miracles and success throughout their life journey.

At Discover Me Summer Camp, we will help children hone the following skills and qualities:


Future Me is a summer camp for students ages 13 – 17 where they can be themselves, learn positive social interactions, decide what kind of adult they want to be, and begin to explore their career through group work and project activities. This year’s theme helps campers become more self-aware and confident in themselves, thereby choosing the right school and major for their future.

At Future Me Summer Camp, campers can discover their own confidence by revealing their Inner Strength in many different aspects of their personal lives, whether intellectual or intellectual. Physically or emotionally, and learn and practice the 7 foundations of a confident teenager:

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